The Advantage of Opting for Waxing

Have you only known to shave since you grew some hairs all over adolescence? Then you should be aware that waxing can be a more beneficial choice for you.

So why choose to wax over shaving?

1. Lesser hair growing back

If you have been shaving for a long time, I’m pretty sure you know the struggle of having black hair sticking back up just after a few days you last shaved. Sometimes it can be itchy, and sometimes it can also be annoying to see the strands that seem to multiply after doing the shaving process. There is an explanation why the hair grows more slowly when you wax. Since shaving is just cutting off the hair you see, waxing takes root. Given this information, it can be deduced that there is the same rate of hair growth; however, since shaving only takes part of the hair, it gives an illusion of foster growth, on the other hand, waxing takes time to grow back because it uproots the hair.

2. Gentle exfoliating process

When you wax, the outermost layer of your skin also gets ripped off. Through this, you have a gentle way of exfoliating your skin without scrubbing it off. If you’ve been waxing for a while, you may notice that your armpits have become smoother to look at.

3. Lesser irritation

Shaving is one way of getting rid of hair from the body; however other means include shaving creams and gels. These contain some chemicals that may harm the skin and may even irritate. When using wax, you are less exposed to harmful chemicals, which leads to lesser irritation. Moreover, any redness after waxing can be gone after a few minutes.

4. Say goodbye to cuts

Shaving uses a sharp blade to get rid of the hair on the skin. However, this may be effective; handling it at the right angle to not nick the skin is very important. Even if the cut can often be almost invisible to the eye, it can cause a bit of pain and sometimes even result in a bigger problem. If you often shave and cut your skin often, your skin will scar, and you will soon have issues with hyperpigmentation which can be hard to get rid of.

5. No more stubble

Another advantage of waxing over shaving and other hair removal method is getting I’d of the bumps you feel after shaving a few days after. The hair on the body often starts growing back after two days, and it cannot be very pleasant to handle the bumps when you glide your hand over your skin. These stumbles can be prevented when you opt for wax instead. Since the hair is uprooted, you will have more delicate hair growing back and fewer chances of bumps when you touch your skin.

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